Simply Sliding Wardrobes

The Design

Simply Sliding Wardrobes Ltd had a website that had crowded features, a structure that needed improving and bold colour schemes. They had some great ideas about a way forward and were looking for a solution that would work on a mobile phone, tablet and a desktop. Using a modern white background, we encompassed the tradition Simply Sliding Wardrobes colours in a way that was slight and sleek, ensuring the parts of the site that need to stand out, did.

The Structure

Simply Sliding Wardrobes were not happy with how their site operated, they wanted a new menu structure and a whole different layout. We gave them this, featuring a stylish new drop down menu, an attractive secondary menu with effective call to actions and a site wide linking structure that holds the site together. We also almagamated pages that would not have ranked on their own with Google bringing them together to create quality content with strong internal linking.

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