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Divi Chat. Here’s our 200th Episode with the creator of Elegant Themes


Hi, my name is Mike Devitt and I’ve been involved in IT for 20 years. In many ways IT still feels new to me every day and in other ways very familiar and like it hasn’t changed at all.

Calling to code

Being born in the 60’s as part of Generation X, you don’t grow up wanting to be a web designer.
The job just didn’t exist and it wasn’t until I broke away from working in the Public Sector did I realise that this really was the gig for me.
Finally, round peg, round hole. My son, Sam who works with me is very fortunate to grow up in such times and to also realise his calling to code!

Meeting new people

My weeks are always very busy but being a part of the Web Design community brings it’s own rewards and I have made a new mountain of friends across the world who I’ve never met in person but who I know, like and trust.
During the last 6 months I was invited to join Divi Chat which is a weekly podcast that not only discusses the Divi Theme by Elegant themes, but also a number of other topics that all related to WordPress and Web Design.

Divi Chat and beyond!

This has led to actually chairing the meeting and it really is an honour to do so.
Before then I become part of the first members in a Facebook group called Focus on your Biz, and regularly chair meetings late on a Thursday night.

Being inspired by others

These meetings provide inspiration and direction for all of us that attend as we share best practice and quite a few in house jokes.
One of the main things that I’ve learnt is that you have to be motivated by change not scared of it. I’ve heard people say that every day feels like the same as the day before, but it isn’t.
Some changes to your working or personal life are small and others are much larger and the ability to swim against a flood tide is very often the thing that defines us. I ask myself why so many people think the idylic lifestyle is a home on an island you own on a tropical beach in the middle of nowhere.
Well, whilst a holiday to a place like would be amazing the reality of this being the ‘day to day’ is that you would be cut off from people and for me, it is meeting new people that provides all the spice we need to be truly whole.


Website design and development is something I’ve been studying and working at for 3 years now. In that time I’ve built over 20 websites, and learnt a ton about the process and everything surrounding it.

Professional Life

My skills involve building bespoke WordPress websites using a custom theme, incorporating frameworks such as SASS, Bootstrap and GSAP to make fast, but visually pleasing websites.

Other Interests and My Family

I prefer to be outdoors, socialising, especially abroad experiencing new places, but I’m also an avid gamer and a bit of a nerd!

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