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Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important for sites that want a presence online. It all starts with the correct foundation, ensuring your website is optimised properly, loading fast & pointing Google in the right direction. We can take care of all of your SEO needs.

SEO Maidstone
Startup Website Package

On + Off Page Optimisation

We put your site in the best place to rank by enriching pages with quality content, keywords, eye-catching titles, meta descriptions, productive headings and image optimisation.

Business website Package

Page Speed Performance

Site speed is one of the most important ranking factors, if your site is slow you will not rank. Been told you need to work on image optimisation, minification of CSS, HTML, JS? We take care of all of that and more.

E-Commerce Website

Strong Internal Linking Structure

Google penalise websites with poor linking structure, you’ll penalise yourself by making it harder for your customers. We create striking menus, CTA’s & content that links carefully and sensibly.

SEO Services Kent

Fast, Optimised Websites.

All of our websites are built in such a way where they can start to rank from day 1. Search Engine Optimisation is about putting the correct foundations in place, then building upon that. If your website looks great but doesn’t get any traffic, then how useful is it to you?

Things we can offer you with our SEO Services:

  • Website optimisation that boosts your page speed (see right)
  • Backlink optimisation
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Research methods that help you going forward
  • 24 hour response times
WordPress web Design in Kent
Startup Website Package

Wordpress Plugins & Themes

How many plugins do you have installed on your site? Do you need them all? Plugins can slow a site down and can also hurt you if they are no longer supported.

Business website Package

Outdated SEO Tactics?

Some SEO companies have employed tactics which Google Search Engine algorithm changes now penalise sites for. Keyword stuffing, duplicate content, we can fix this for you.

E-Commerce Website

Quality of Your Backlinks

Unfortunately not all backlinks are helpful. We can help determine which ones are helping you and which ones are hurting you.

SEO Kent

Our Reviews

Our number one goal is to make sure that you, the customer are happy with our services. We work tirelessly to achieve this and ensure that we keep you informed throughout the project.

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