Configure your email and create an SPF record on Siteground

Nov 7, 2019 | Sender Policy Framework

E-mail’s ending up SPAM?

Its infuriating isn’t it? You’ve got your new Siteground account and everyone has told you that they are the best hosting provider and your troubles are now over. However, when you begin to send e-mails you discover that people just aren’t receiving them. How can that be?

Configure your Siteground account

Well, the problem is that Siteground set everything up for you but you need to ensure that your mail doesn’t end up in SPAM

This tutorial is going to show you how to ensure that the e-mail account you have on Siteground is set up properly.

Log into your account and head to Site Tools


Siteground currently uses it’s own Site Tools to control the server environment

Go to

Login to Siteground using the credentials you used when you first signed up for your account.


Site Tools 

Then head over to your Site Tools Dashboard

Siteground Site Tools

SPAM Protection 

Head down to the EMail section and click on Spam Protection – See screenshot


Then ensure that SPAM Protection is selected and ensure the following records are added

Spam Protection Siteground
MX Records

Email Authentication


Then go back to the menu and the mail section and go to Email Authentication

e-mail authentication
and check that you have an SPF record added
SPF Record
Then check you have a DKIM record and activate one if you don’t.



DKIM Record

You should now be able to test your email by using a service like Mail



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