New WordPress website created for APOLLO TAXIS

After creating Apollo Taxis website back in 2016, they decided that they wanted to make some changes to their website. Whilst they were happy with their initial site, they wanted something that they felt represented the brand they had become today. We provided them with a sleeker, more minimilastic website that still maintains their branding, but with subtler detailing and stylish imagery.

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A website like this could be yours!



  • Use modern imagery across the site 
  • Create a simpler colour scheme
  • Add an element of ‘wow’ factor
  • Focus on pushing the ‘App’ content
  • Touch up of older pages
  • New look mobile design
it company website
new it company website



The main focus here was to dial back the amount of blue present on the site, whilst maintaining the brand standards. We wanted to give the site a lighter feel, using the striking blue colour more effectively. We were also asked if we could add anything that would give users the ‘wow’ factor. We came up with an animation that presented their app booking process, head to if you’d like to take a look!

If you are interested in this type of site you would be looking at our business package

new it company web design



A site that better represents their current brand, pushing the message of their new app at every turn. We love touching up our older websites, all brands change over time and we understand the need to keep your website fresh.

So, please.. click the button below and visit the website!

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