New WordPress Website for GREEN KEY TECH


Our relationship with GreenKey started in December 2019 where there was a business requirement to change the content on their WordPress website. They required something altogether more descriptive relating to the companies business and to visually engage more with their audience. GREENKEY had already established themselves in the market place and just required some fine tuning. We set about creating consistent header sections and pages that used new eye catching icons.

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it solutions company web design
natural language processing website
data website

A website like this could be yours!



  • Create new responsive pages across the website
  • Create around 40 new icons for use across the site
  • Create new menu and new buttons across the site
  • Ensure call to actions that promote engagement throughout the website and link to their marketing platform
  • Provide regular communication and support throughout the project
it company website
new it company website



Creating website interest whilst maintaining Greenkey’s message was important for this project.

We worked closely with Greenkey to establish a UX that satisfied their stakeholders

We also assisted the team who had a requirement to understand how to use the Divi theme, (which they had already purchased) to create layouts that worked in Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices and link call to actions to their marketing platform . If you are interested in this type of site you would be looking at our business package

new it company web design



Consistency across the site. Interactive content is more pleasing to the eye giving the visitor a more immersive experience whilst helping them to understand the breakdown of the relationships within the supplied technology

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