By Good Life – August to September 2016

The Challenge

Create a Home Staging, Home Styling and Interior Design website that is optimised for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. My Client informed me that she would also like the site to work for her prospective Chinese and Russian customers. The site also needed to be advertised on all the main social media sites like Google, Twitter and Facebook. The new site should also have e-mail subscription functionality for blog post updates.

The Solution

We chose a design that used a blend of colours that highlighted the features of each individual service image. We also tried and tested different fonts to see how they matched against the images themselves and the type of statement we wished to make with the site. We were aiming for pages and posts that were high quality but straightforward, excellence without complication. We wanted to ensure that the site was easy to navigate and that potential clients could easily access the information they required. To supplement the site we created Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter accounts and also linked the site to them so that any published posts would post to them automatically.

A new company that couldn't wait to get started

The site has been translated into 3 languages

New Company

Different Languages

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Mobile Sites are just as important as Desktop: this site works on all devices

Mobile Friendly

With some fantastic new designs of Smartphone on the market, we made sure that the design would work beautifully on all of them

The site was built from the ground uP

After our intial meeting, my client gave me all the information that I needed to get started, but, crucially, when I sought feedback during the month, her replies were quick and helpful.

We studied the competition

Studied but not copied. We wanted to create our own unique site that not only matches what is already on the market but surpasses it.

We knew our target audience

We looked to appeal to a broad range of business and home consumers.

We Showed the Broad range of Services

From Interior Design for a landlord, to Home Staging for a home owner. 


We Promoted Communication

via “contact us” buttons and from each page to our contact number and form

We also created pages on Social Media

And before go live began to make contact with prospective business’ and customers.

And we TRanslated the Site

Into Russian and Chinese.
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