New WordPress website created for ECO EGG

When ecoegg approached us, their website was not performing how they wanted it to. They had performance issues, and they wanted a fresh design. After 6 months of care and maintenance, we came together to craft their new look, here’s how we did it…



ecoegg had already created their new brand. They now needed a Web Design company to bring it to life. They wanted a platform to be able to push this new brand, and expand and grow their company into an international business.

The key for them was incorporating their eco friendly message, using their hand crafted sketches to illustrate the selling points of their products. The ‘Kraft’ colour was important to them, pushing the eco-friendly message across the site.



  • Build a responsive website that represents and brings to life the new ecoegg branding
  • Incorporate their new look brand, Kraft Colours and new packaging
  • Create an E-Commerce store that is reliable and simple to use
  • Incorporate Social Media & Newsletter Sign Ups throughout the site
  • Create pages that describe their eco-friendly selling points
  • Build a website that had scope to grow and increase in size with time
  • Support ecoegg at every step of the project



With the ecoegg vision already made clear to us, we had a clear idea of how we wanted to design. Using a combination of our own experience and ideas combined with the direction from ecoegg, we set about creating a home page that would catch the attention of any user.

We used their kraft background whenever possible, incorporating the sketches provided to us, creating a classy, natural feel. We made sure that we used the core 3 colours of yellow, pink and light blue to create consistency around the site, matching buttons wherever we could and coinciding these colours with their corresponding product.



ecoegg wanted their online shopping platform to be a simple experience. We set to work creating simple product pages, highlighting their products using images, icons and including a video too. We worked to optimise the checkout process, using postcode lookups to ensure smooth transactions, and suggesting the best payment gateways for ecoegg to use.

Since go live, the website has performed very well, supporting many flash sales and giveaways that ecoegg set up.



The outcome was exactly what the client wanted. We brought their brand to life and gave them the platform they needed to grow their business. We love this site, and we’d love you to take a look.

So please do go ahead.. click the button below and visit the website!

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