Senacre Cycles Re-Design January 2017


The Challenge

Senacre Cycles – An established business with over 40 years experience required an over-haul of their website. As a GIANT re-seller, they wanted to accentuate the vast range of bikes they can sell to their customers in their shop but did not want to distribute the bikes via their website. Senacre Cycles wanted to show that they sold so much more than just the bikes. They were selling the whole experience of owning your new bike. For a small fee, you could have three setup visits with their bike fitting specialists. All of this needed to be accentuated on their new site.

The Solution

We ensured that all the services that Senacre Cycles deliver to their customers was advertised not only on their homepage but throughout their site. We also wanted to illustrate their long standing presence in Maidstone and the community. Added to this, we also created an e-commerce store and set up over 10 different products to show the accessories that the store sell. We also added links to their Facebook, Google and Twitter pages plus showed their considerable following on this social media sites.

We stripped everything back and started from scratch

We exchanged ideas and I came up with a website that could be viewed and interacted with, equally well on a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Update December 2022: This website can no longer be viewed by visiting the domain as it has been decomissioned. 

senacre cycles maidstone web design

New Website


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Great Result

Search for Senacre Cycles on Google and see the structure


In an increasingly mobile world, it was very important that the new site delivered a responsive and mobile friendly design. Take a look at the snapshots from the iPad and the iPhone and then visit the site yourself!

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Senacres Site is now a modern website for customers in Maidstone and the surrounding area. It is a website not only for Maidstone but for the rest of the county of Kent


Attractive new pages like the Bike Fitting page and Bike Travel box page draw customers in. There are also testimonials on the site and links accessory suppliers

Whatever make of phone you have

This design works according to the type of device that you are using. If you view the desktop version of the site there are more animations and videos that appear. Knowing that all mobile users are looking for speed when using their devices and might not necessarily have a good connection, this site is optimised for them.

Larger Fonts

Being able to deploy larger fonts on the site has also helped. Again, the mobile versions on both Tablet and Mobile re-size according to the screen size.

A business opportunity

If you want your brand or business to convert in the same way then give me a call and get your free consultation. What have you got to lose?

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new website design maidstone kent uk
new website design maidstone kent uk

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