I Wallond Fencing Contractors – Nov 16 – Jan 17

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The Challenge

Already a very successful business, I Wallond Fencing Contractors were still looking for more. They were still striving to build their brand and knowing that verbal referrals are very powerful, so are ones that are found by browsing the internet and seeing how professional a company looks. My client already had a decent website but it could be improved by advertising and accentuating more of the varied and different services that they provide both commercially and privately.

The Solution

21 pages of great content with an infographic for added interest. The website also integrates with Facebook, Google My Business and Twitter. Varied animations were used on the homepage to draw the visitor in to other parts of the site. All project and post pages link internally and some pages link externally to commercial partners.Each page that has been added not only builds on the brand but illustrates to any prospective customers the varied type of fencing services the company provides

Unique pages



Day Turnaround

Incredible new site on the Internet

I Wallond Fencing looks just as amazing on smartphones and tablets

Mobile Refresh

2017 is all about the mobile device but fencing companies tend to get their business from those who like to see the fencing on a larger screen. However, this site has different settings for mobile and desktop devices, making the experience for the customer a great one whatever the device they view it on.

Accentuating the uniqueness

There are many fencing companies on the market so it was important to illustrate the depth of service I Wallond provide and the fact that they have the ability to serve the commercial and private sector and that their customers are delighted with the product and the build.

Study the competition

As part of the service, Web Design Pro.co studied the competition. What keywords were they ranking for? Could the I Wallond site rank higher than them? We were not up against companies like Amazon or Sainsbury’s; we were battling local business. Once the website was live, I submitted the sitemap to the search engines to ensure they were referencing the new pages whilst re-directs were set up for the old pages. From here a campaign can begin to deliver high quality and regular posts through the website onto social media. This will give the site the opportunity to grow steadily. The search engines algorithm’s do not take kindly to sudden bursts of activity on any site.

Ensure customers recognise the brand

Across all the social media sites that I Wallond use to advertise their services their branding is consistent. If Global brands do it then so should local business. All the liveries displayed on their vehicles have the same logo.
affordable website maidstone
affordable website maidstone

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