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Pendon Homestaging New Design March 2017

Pendon Homestaging New Design March 2017

The Challenge

Pendon were an established company that were looking for an original and fresh look. Home Staging and Home styling are relatively new markets in the UK, where customers looking to sell their properties engage with a homestaging company to provide them with advice and help to enable to sell their home. The trick with the web design was to attempt to create their own signature in that market.

The Solution

Pendon London Ltd now have a site for 2017 that not only works on all devices and looks equally amazing in landscape and portrait modes. The branding is clear and provides prospective customers with a lead into other parts of the site.

New Logo


Website New Design

Day Turnaround

Great Result

New Website = New Interest

Mobile Refresh

For some time now, web designers have been focusing on three standards: desktop, tablet and smartphone. Customers need to know that their new website is responsive and mobile friendly. Take a look at the snapshots from the iPad and the iPhone and then visit the site yourself!

Understated but prominent

There’s a sublte difference between shouting about what a business does and carefully explaining the selling points.


Carrying the theme right through the site

Colours and fonts are consistent throughout the site as if the site itself was just one large page of information or an informative brochure.

Linking to Social Media

Whenever there is a post created this site is configured to post to Facebook pages, Google Plus and Twitter. It is important to be able to link Social Media together and Pendon’s site does this easily.


Part of the Package

As part of this Web Design, I also ensured that the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) and all the details on the customers social media pages were consistent so that they would not be penalised in the search engines.

Seize the Day

Give your business the makeover it needs by either re-designing your website or creating a new one. If you want your brand or business to convert in the same way then give me a call and get your free consultation. What have you got to lose?

value for money web design
value for money web design

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