Swim World Swim School Project March 2016

The Challenge

The Swim World Swim School website was built between January and March 2016. During the free consultation my client said that she was becoming increasingly frustrated with having to explain to her clients about the lessons she provides and would like to be able to provide all the information via a new web design. She also indicated that she would like to be able to take payment via the website, including a deposit, so that new clients could reserve places in her small lesson groups.

The Solution

The new Swimworld website features Events, Lesson Types and the opportunity to “add to Basket” and “Checkout” where parents and guardians can either pay for the lessons in full or put down a deposit and pay the full amount at a later date. Web Design Pro.co, based in Maidstone, Kent, UK ensured all requirements from the original consultation were met.

After the website went live, I was on hand to support the team as the Swim World customers began the process of completing transactions.

We needed to save time!

And we achieved this by making sure all the information both new and existing learners needed was on the website

A New Brand

Retain Loyal Clients

Market The Years Of Experience

Different Ways To Pay For Lessons

Swim World Looks Fabulous on Tablets and Smartphones

Mobile Payment

Swim World’s clients can all pay using their tablet or smartphone.

The Site was built from scratch

The framework was built, checked and agreed but like all plans sometimes need amending to suit new circumstances. Each additional request was built into the project

and incorporates events

Where Swim World can advertise summer lessons, private lessons, or just a one off one day special

and different lesson formats

Private Lessons, Lessons in groups, Lesson times and dates

Large tap targets for easy selection

This site was tested on all the leading brands of phone… and some smaller ones too!

Subtle colouring throughout the site

With strong use of striking imagery

and a place to advertise for new instructors

A vacancies page to allow the right candidate a chance to apply for any advertised role.

Links throughout the site

Leading back to the homepage or externally to recognised swimming bodies.

After Go Live

I provided two weeks free support to deal with any queries, questions or problems.
Web Design Kent UK, Web Design Pro
Web Design Pro, Web Design Kent UK
  • Lesson Payments 95% 95%
  • Payment taken from different devices 100% 100%
  • Ease of Use 100% 100%
  • Lesson Subscribers 80% 80%

The results have been amazing

Within the first week, 20 clients had paid for their lessons using the new website. This has helped the Swim World team focus on the lesson planning and teaching while their clients are able to use the payment methods provided with ease. Since the Go Live, all clients have paid for their lessons via this method. Also, if any new learner wants any information about what Swim World provide for their clients, the team can send them the link so that they can read about their lesson plans.

We thought of Everything

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