New WordPress website created for KENT WRAPS


Kent Wraps came to us with a request for a Business size website for their Car Wrapping business. They wanted us to create a visually engaging website, utilising a lot of fullwidth images and showcasing their step by step process of how they work. We created them a unique page design for each service coupled with a stylish Gallery that delivers their message precisely.

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A website like this could be yours!



  • Design a fully responsive, visually engaging website
  • Use fullwidth images and sliders to showcase the work of Kent Wraps
  • Use a contrasting colour scheme that fits the theme of the logo
  • Create a stylish Gallery page that showcases each service that Kent Wraps offers
  • Create, connect and display new Social Media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram.
  • Utilise video footage to enhance the user experience
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Kent Wraps primarily wanted a platform to showcase their work. We had to work with them closely to achieve the type of fullwidth design they wanted to achieve. 

The most important aspect for them was the use of images, both in sliders and with hover effects; to engage and entice the users. We managed to do this, whilst highlighting their processes accompanied by text to explain the images.

We also made sure we used the correct colours throughout, whilst using sharp edged backgrounds to give a nice contrast throughout the site.

If you are interested in this type of site you would be looking at our business package

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Beautiful colour schemes, effective image usage, engaging text and striking backgrounds ensured that this website stood out from the crowd. Kent Wraps is a fully responsive Business package website, before you talk to us, go and have a look for yourself!

So, please.. click the button below and visit the website!

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