Hinton Cars – Re-Design January 2017


The Challenge

Hinton Cars – Had their website created by an online web company that promised to create new content for them on a regular basis. Sounds good right? Keep creating webpages, surely loads of webpages will boost their rankings? Er, No.

Duplicate Content

Duplicating content will not help you climb the rankings. In 2017, it is one thing you must not do. The search engines like Google and Bing will penalize any site that creates the same pages over and over again and just changes a couple of words. They are looking for high quality content.

A sustainable web presence

Hinton Cars wanted to not only rank much higher to increase their chances of gaining business through Organic rankings, but to be able to stay there. They had over 1,000 webpages being indexed by Google before we started work on the new website.

The Solution

I always focus on a local businesses entire web presence and not just the website. The website is massively important but so are all the other pages that we create to support the business. Facebook Pages, Google My Business pages, Twitter Feeds are just a few of the other web pages that we needed to look at.

But what about the Website

Over 1,000 pages for an Airport Transfer Taxi Service that has a small pool of cars and is family run. What could I do about that? I focused first on the pages that were actually needed and this amounted to about 8. So, only 992 pages to remove then.

I Built the new site first

In 5 weeks, I built a new site for the owner and made sure that he and his family were happy with it. I made sure that the site had all the keywords that the business wanted to be found for. I then set about removing the indexed pages from the search engines.

We started again with a new design

And removed the old pages from Google’s search indexing

Re-designed Website


Customer Satisfaction

Day Turnaround

Growing Business

Search for Hinton Cars on Google and see the new site


An Airport Taxi company without a click to call mobile responsive site would not be a business running for very long. All the buttons on the site either allow a potential customer to call the business from within the website, e-mail them or they take them to another place on the site.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Hinton Cars which runs as airporttransfersdorset.com is now a modern website for customers in Christchurch and the surrounding area.


NEW Pages

We focused not only in creating some pages that were bright and attractive but also using video to keep customers browsing through the site. We also ensured the pricing was clear.

Whatever make of phone you have

This design works on all devices whether in portrait or landscape mode. It also looks great on all tablets.


Larger Fonts

All fonts on the size re-size according to the type of device that is used. The fonts will be larger on a PC or Mac computer but smaller on a smartphone.

A business opportunity

If you want your brand or business to convert in the same way then give me a call and get your free consultation. What have you got to lose?

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kent web designs

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