PDS Communications Re-Design August 2017


The Challenge

PDS Communication – A well business with over 30 years experience required a new website. They wanted to accentuate the range of services they provide and ensure that the site also linked to their social media accounts and listed their testimonials. They also had very specific design requirements based on a few websites they had already seen.

The Solution

We created a consistent feel throughout the site starting with a homepage that had employed a few web tricks to illustrate the World Wide Web. Throughout the site we featured strong call to action buttons that drive a visitor toward making contact with PDS Communications. We also set up social sharing of blog posts to all of their social media sites and then showed them how to use the system as part of their web package.

We were influenced by other sites but still came up with our own unique site

We exchanged ideas and I came up with a website that could be viewed and interacted with, equally well, on a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

New Website


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Great Result

Search for PDS Communications on Google and see the site


In an increasingly mobile world, it was very important that the new site delivered a responsive and mobile friendly design. Take a look at the snapshots from the iPad and the iPhone and then visit the site yourself! It looks great on an iPhone X!

We continued to communicate throughout the process

All websites I create are a mix of my inspiration and great communication with a client. The PDS Comms site is now a modern website for customers worldwide.



Attractive new pages advertising all of the services PDS provide to draw customers in. There are also testimonials on the site and links to partners

Whatever make of phone you have

This design works according to the type of device that you are using. If you view the desktop version of the site there are more animations and videos that appear. Knowing that all mobile users are looking for speed when using their devices and might not necessarily have a good connection, this site is optimised for them.


Larger Fonts

Being able to deploy larger fonts on the site has also helped. Again, the mobile versions on both Tablet and Mobile re-size according to the screen size.

A business opportunity

If you want your brand or business to convert in the same way then give me a call and get your free consultation. What have you got to lose?

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web design agency kent

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