New WordPress Website for WH Skinner

WH Skinner

required a new website to rationalise their existing content and promote new content

We created a brand new WordPress Design, with pages and products and on their domain that also required us to not lose any traffic to the site

We can build the same for you! We are a web design agency based in Maidstone, Kent.


A website like this could be yours!



  • Ensure we not only did not lose any SEO traffic with the new WordPress site and ensure easy searching and clear Call to Action buttons directing the visitor to potential products.
  • Easy to edit¬†website
  • Specific Keywords that the business would be found for on the website across 150 pages
  • Fast loading website to ensure smooth customer journey
  • Razor sharp Images in line with the branding
new company website



Delivered in the spring of 2022 this WordPress website not only incorporates the vision of the company, it is a well structured, fast website with an easy to find product range. The visitor can quickly find the type of product they are looking for with an excellent built in search function. From searching for box sizes with anchor texts that ensure the web experience is a quick one for the visitor, the customer and our team were very happy with the result, see for yourself by heading over to if you’d like to take a look!

If you are interested in this type of site you would be looking at our Business Package




A website that can be easily edited and also expanded on as we buit this using re-usable WordPress blocks with the ability to quickly change repeated content across the site from one place.  This website fulfills all the criteria from the proposal. So, please.. click the button below and visit the website!

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