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Invicta Planning

required a new website to display to potential clients

We built a mobile responsive, keyword specific website that is helping converting those searching for their service into paying customers.

We can build the same for you! We are a web design company based in Maidstone, Kent.

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A website like this could be yours!



  • Create a responsive website with clear Call to Action buttons directing the visitor
  • Easy to change website
  • Specific Keywords that the business would be found for on the website
  • Fast loading website to ensure smooth customer journey
  • Clean, sharp Images in line with the branding
new company website



Built in the autumn of 2021 this WordPress website is on brand and inline with the vision of the company. It is a blazingly fast website with simple fade in animations and clear call to action buttons. The visitor can quickly see the services that the business is offering and either make contact through the easy to click and accessible Call to Action buttons or arrive at the contact from where a quick and easy action will soon have their enquiry sent from the website through to the company inbox.  We’re very happy with the result, see for yourself by heading over to if you’d like to take a look!

If you are interested in this type of site you would be looking at our Business Package




A website that can be easily expanded with the ability to create further project pages just by adding text and images to pre-pepared templates. Also, this website has added keywords that focus on the areas the business wants to be found for in Kent.  This website fulfills all the criteria from the proposal. So, please.. click the button below and visit the website!

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