New WordPress website created for HOLDSWORTH PROPERTY SERVICES

Holdsworth Property Services seeked an affordable, simple way of putting themselves on the online map, we delivered exactly what they asked for, with added touches throughout that help the new Holdsworth website stand out from the crowd.



Holdsworth Property Services had established their desired brand look and feel. They sent us their preferred colours and fonts and we went to work mapping out how we could use those assets to create a unique looking brand.

Following the successful formula that we use for all start up websites, our task was to create the proper structure for the website, incorporating 4 key pages, Home, Services, About & Contact. 

Holdsworth also wanted help with their social media, so we had to create and style their Facebook and Twitter pages too.



  • Build a responsive website
  • Incorporate all aspects of the Holdworth Property Services branding & colour scheme
  • Create 4 core pages that highlight the main aspects of Holdsworth’s business
  • Set up of core Social Media pages
  • Create a detailed services page that describes Holdsworth’s Electrical services whilst mentioning their secondary services.
  • Create enticing call to actions that promote customer interaction throughout the website
  • Provide first class support from the outset of the project through to its completion



With a strict colour scheme, but almost unlimited scope in how we could design, we set about creating a vibe that would fit the brand. We use sleek, slanted lines that help buttons and dividers pop throughout.

We combined the bright red colour with a deep black and a faded line pattern in some of the main buttons across the site, giving Holdsworth an original feel.

Showcasing Holdsworth’s large array of services was important, so we decided to create unique icons for each service, combining their design with a simple animation to add a touch of flair. This is where we feel like Holdsworth excels, the website exists to serve a simple purpose, but entices its users all the way around the site, keeping them interested at all times.



The outcome succeeded the clients expectations, they were extremely happy with the end product and their new online brochure! Check out their review and see what they had to say about it.

So please do go ahead.. click the button below and visit the website!

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