New WordPress Ecommerce website for Acacia Arts


Acacia Arts is a brand new business, set up to sell Artwork from around the world. This exciting company provided us with a chance to explore interesting design concepts, ultimately creating a uniquely themed online shop that sticks in the memory.

Selling Art web design
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A website like this could be yours!



  • Create an online shop that can be used to sell artwork prints
  • Easy to use checkout process
  • Visually engaging design that showcases the art
  • Fast loading to ensure smooth customer journey
  • High quality images and photographs
  • Ability to add their own products
it company website
new art website



A really exciting design, due to the exotic nature of the website and the artwork, we were able to create a design different from the usual. Whilst maintaining the easy customer journey through the checkout, we designed a website that is visually striking from the instant you hit the homepage. We’re really happy with how this came out!

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selling art website



A fully functional online Art shop with an exotic design that truly showcases the quality of the art on offer. 

So, please.. click the button below and contact us today to get a quote. 

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