New WordPress website in Kent for Boiler Care Kent Ltd


BOILER CARE KENT LTD is an established business looking to improve their website through a new design and also targeting keywords.

We built a mobile responsive, keyword specific website that is helping converting those searching for their service into paying customers.

We can build the same for you!

Searching for “Web Design Maidstone” or “SEO Maidstone“? Then we can help you. 

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Boiler Care Contact
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A website like this could be yours!



  • Create a more tailored website with strong Call to Action buttons directing the visitor
  • Easy to use website
  • Keywords that the business would be found for on the website
  • Fast loading website to ensure smooth customer journey
  • High Quality images showcasing their services
  • Links to Social Media channels to allow the visitor to choose the way they contact the business
new company website
Boiler Care



This new website allows the visitor to quickly see the services that the business is offering and either make contact through the easy to click and accessible Call to Action buttons, it is also allows them to connect across the different social media platform or even call them via the WhatsApp business link. This is a strong design, with accents on trusted colours.  We’re really happy with how this came out, so head to if you’d like to take a look!

If you are interested in this type of site you would be looking at our Business Package




A website with a number of pages with specific keywords that focus on the areas the business wants to be found for, not only across the UK, but also in the Kent area. This website not only fulfills all the criteria from the proposal it is now delivering in the search engines with high rankings for both short and longer tail keywords.

So, please.. click the button below and visit the website!

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